Diamond Skl Real Estate & Investments provides a wide array of real estate and investments services to individuals as well as private sector and government clients. The entire team is fully committed to providing the following services:

1.Property Management

Diamond Skl Real Estate & Investments we manage commercial, retail, industrial and residential property assets to effectively maximize our client’s return on investment. We provide measurable results across a spectrum of services, risk management, purchasing and financial reporting.

We deploy and practice best market practices, methods and procedures to ensure that our client’s properties are:

  • Let at the best market rentals and lease terms to the best advantage of our management clients.
  • Proper leases and other contractual documentation are in place to protect our contractual and pecuniary interests of the landlords as our clients.
  • The management of services, utilities and other operations are carried out properly to the best and cost effective standards.
  • The property structures, components, plant and equipment are maintained properly, regularly and cost effectively, to also ensure that their long term values are not just maintained but enhanced.
  • Good financial practices and procedures are maintained
  • Statutory obligations with regard to the properties are adhered to.
    • Tenant evaluation.
    • Advise on maintenance and development of prop­erty that ensures steady increase in rental income
    • Proper maintenance of the property i.e. painting, repair of electrical or plumbing lines.
    • Secure leases for all the tenants and landlords.
    • Payment of all utilities by respective tenants.
    • Prompt and on time rent payment into L/lord’s account.
    • Collection of rental incomes for both commercial and residential properties
    • Maintenance of properties including managing risks of fire and security
    • Licenses renewals and payments of and rates
    • Identify and assist with contractors for new and renovation works
    • Regular inspection of the property to maintain required standards

2: Property Sales and Letting

We offer a fresh approach that provides a solution for you to have a quick sale and letting, and are customized to meet our client’s financial and equity needs.

  • Assist in sound property disposal options
  • Identify and source for credible purchasers
  • Assist in purchase negotiations

With regards to letting and leasing, we ensure that we cover the entire role of letting any vacant space, negotiating rent reviews, and lease renewals on existing tenancies by:

  • Identifying credible tenants for various categories of properties offered for rent
  • Advising on feasible rental returns
  • Negotiating of secure leases

3: Property Development Consultancy

At Diamond Skl Real Estate & Investments, we provide sustainable, innovative, comprehensive and professional property development consultancy services that provide access to information that helps maximize a property’s potential. We combine core disciplines in one comprehensive and holistic package that provides the following key services;

  • Preparation of comprehensive property reports to assist buyers and developers evaluate property potential quickly and accurately analyzing the highest and best yield scenarios.
  • Preparing feasibility options.
  • Determining the true development potential of property.
  • Providing development reports that will explore all the options.
  • Saving time and money and the inconvenience of seeking and coordinating complex Information from various professionals.

4: Land Buying and Selling

No matter you are just looking to buy a land or sell your land in Kenya, we will get you there on time and in budget. In our opinion we remain one of the most respected real estate agencies because of our knowledge in buying and selling. We very much care about your ROI (Return on investment). We guarantee you that land bought through Goshen real estate is 100% genuine.

5: Rental Assessment

We do professional rental assessments for both commercial and residential properties and advice clients accordingly