Our Team

Diamond Skl Real Estate & Investments, has go-getters, high level caliber staff who propel the growth of the enterprise. We are strong believers in having the best of what the market can offer. Our staff are motivated and they deliver services in a timely manner. We also believe in strong alliances and networking with other market leading professionals.

The team strives to provide timely, efficient services. It also incorporates a fully-fledged accounting section which is fully networked. The main duties are to provide clients (landlords/tenants) with the following services:

  • Preparation of budgets
  • Rent & service charge collection
  • Monthly/Quarterly/yearly statements of accounts
  • Preparation of comprehensive property reports every quarter and end year
  • Administration of all services in buildings, including negotiation of maintenance contracts
  • Attending to tenants’ issues

Our pride:

Diamond Skl Real Estate & Investments, we have enjoyed tremendous growth and success by carefully and delivering quality services to our clients, investing in the right real estate opportunities and properties with the right people. Through our able team of professionals, we have been able to create a great commendable reputation in our business operations.

We help you invest now for your future and make your money work for you.  With a good foundation in Christianity, having God as our Senior Most Partner, and our unparalleled team of qualified staff, we take pride in the ability to provide exceptional services to our clients.

With this approach we ensure a proper exit strategy for our clients, for the land is prime and appreciates at a fast rate. We also protect our clients’ interest by helping them invest in the right parcels of land

Why engage us?

  • Your stress in chasing tenants who fail to pay rent will be reduced considerably
  • We will keep your property in good state of repair and maintenance thus value appreciation.
  • We will attend to tenant needs and the tenants stay longer- high tenant turnover rate is costly.
  • We screen tenants in order to get good quality tenants who pay on time and are less problematic